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Boys and Girls Sleepover is a Roblox game, filled with wonderful friends. This may be a useless wiki but I only want you to tryout this game out. This game is prized with a lot of bonds we all share...some bonds were severed. But this game still upgrade more friends for you! We try so hard to make our friends feel welcome, and we hope to do the same for newcomers.

I will do vlogs when me and my friends hangout in Roblox, who knows what adventure that awaits for us. The only problem is that we hope it would turn into summer already because schoolwork is a huge impact to all of us, which doesn't allow us to spend time with our friends, especially when we're half around the world from another.

It has been a few mouths after the old generation of friends had been separated to other games because Roblox had great games, better than Boys and Girls Sleepover because it being a old game. Yet others moved on from the game because Roblox has the "kid's game" look, it was either time to move on to better games such as the console games. The game may be a empty shell for a while, maybe with a little more faith, it'll be alive again.

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